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            Thermo Scientific Pierce C18 Tips are ready-to-use pipette-tip columns of C18 resin that enable fast and efficient capture, concentration, desalting and elution of peptides for MALDI mass spectrometry and other methods.

            Improve protein analysis results with Pierce C18 Tips by removing urea, salts and other contaminants before MS analysis. The tips are ideal for preparing samples for matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) or nanoelectrospray ionization techniques. The Pierce C18 Tips are available in convenient 10 and 100 μL tips with binding capacities of 8 and 80 μg, respectively.

            Features of C18 Tips:

            ? Monolithic C18 fast-flow tips have low resistance and improved flow characteristics compared to other commercially available tips
            ? High binding capacity in a convenient tip format
            ? Two pipette tip formats for processing up to 8 or 80 μg of sample
            ? Eight packs and 96-tip trays are automation compatible

            These C18 tips offer excellent flow properties with a high-efficiency monolithic C18 sorbent for fast wetting, loading, washing and eluting. The five-step procedure is simple and requires less than 5 minutes to process protein digests, strong cation exchange fractions and other protein and peptide samples for mass spectrometric (MS) analyses.

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